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Changing cities, moving into a new space, or relocating to a different state is not the most pleasant of experiences. 

Between figuring out the right size truck, the right number of boxes, and how that walk-in closet will disassemble, the experience can seem overwhelming and chaotic!


How will you keep track of your valuables? 

How will you know Auntie Sue’s fragile China was safely packed?

How will you get that Italian sofa disassembled and reassembled in your new home?


Trusting a service provider into your home or business is a serious decision. What is more serious then to trust those individuals to touch, lift, move, and drive all of your belongings with 100% care! Our teams of Pros specialize, in all things Moving, Packing, and Logistics. By utilizing our service, you will have the peace of mind and a family of professionals ready to provide a Full Moving and Relocation Service! 


  • Door to Door Storage Services

  • Packing materials

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Moving insurance

Fixed Flat Moving Rate

With our team, you won’t open your bill and baffle at all the additional costs. Our representative will work accordingly, detailing all your inventory, and ensuring what stays and what will go. Our process is doing service the right way, proper planning is what you can count on!


Our moving service is directed to the tee! Once a pickup is scheduled, you will be provided a guaranteed delivery date! Not only will our award-winning customer service representatives plan out your move, they will triple-confirm availabilities, routing, and tracking ensuring nothing goes wrong. Fast, Safe, & on-time is our motto, providing professional, organized and a fully equipped service is our promise! Your home, business, space is the comfort you built, let us provide the qualified Pros to disassemble, pack, ship and piece it all together.

Commercial Moving

Keeping up with daily activities and conducting a Commercial Relocation is no easy task. Furniture Assembly NJ takes pride in our moving process with a track record to prove it. Our moving system starts with an initial walk through of your business understanding what needs to come to the new location and what will stay behind for removal! Our job is to pack up and deliver your business while you focus on doing what your business does best!


  • Specialists to walk you through the process

  • Proposal for the entire move.

  • All materials including packing and protective wrapping for furniture, TV’s, electronics, rugs and lamps, art, and much more.

  • Inventory management of all furniture, electronics, records, and personal effects.

  • Detailed planning by consulting with building management.

  • Color and bar-coding workstation for quick reassembly

  • IT assistance for all your hardware

  • Disposal of all unnecessary furniture and trash

Ikea Same Day Delivery

Visited Your Friends at Your Local IKEA Or Have a Shopping List ready for purchase? 

Our representatives are ready to walk you through our same day pick up and delivery to your home or business. We keep things simple, let us know what you need and we will contact your local provider to make sure everything is in stock. Stranded without transportation and have a whole house of furniture ready to make its way home? Don’t panic just reach our scheduling department and we will route a truck for pick up. Why spend the day in hour long lines, finding things in various departments when our teams visit IKEA on the daily! Don’t forget we will not only pickup and delivery your new IKEA furniture we will also provide full furniture assembly, installation, and disposal.


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